No Nonsense Nutrition

The 'Real Deal' about nutrition and diet

No Nonsense Nutrition


Too much nonsense is written and posted about nutrition.

This is the place to find: unbiased, scientifically based articles, advice and  podcasts about diet and nutrition. I am NOT a ‘lifestyle blogger; clean eater or orthoretic  – I am a Dr (PhD) of nutritional science with over 30 years experience in academia.

So if you’d like to discover ‘the real deal’ about nutrition; this is the place to be. The definitive blog site for the truth about nutrition and nutritional claims.

Dr Ruth


2 thoughts on “No Nonsense Nutrition

  1. Thanks Ruth – this blog is just what is needed for lay people to understand that more often than not claims made by non qualified ‘nutrition experts’ are not worth taking heed of. There is no one food stuff that has miraculous properties and obsessing over restrictive diets is potentially harmful. What we eat for optimum health should be varied, balanced and in moderation. I believe in the West we have totally lost the plot when it comes to nutrition and health hence the numerous diet related disorders.

    Knowing about nutrition is always interesting and fascinating for most of us so an informed nononsensenutrition blog is highly welcome and a relief from the endless and baseless lifestyle articles that we are bombarded with daily.

    Looking forward to further articles that disprove exaggerated claims made by some in the diet industry (manuka honey being a case in point) and learning about rational food health.

    Tell me more evidence based facts please!

    Raj Gidda


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